Vietnam – The Land of Pho’

Super duper popular Pho Resto, you maybe able to guess why from its name….(if you are good with history.)

Visiting Vietnam is a piece of cake for Indonesian and many other Asian people, but not for US citizen. It is not super complicated either, you just need to know to prepare it. For American, they can pop up in many countries without needing any visa, except to some countries such as Cuba. Vietnam is a bit different, yes they have/accept VOA or Visa on Arrival with prerequisite document, and that is letter of approval. Check this link how to get Approval letter and Vietnam Visa for US Citizen before packing your suitcase, very important. When your visa matter completed, now you can enjoy and explore Vietnam. See sample of approval letter (click it to download on smartphone/tablet):


Vietnam is super cheap country, your US$ will stretch very long like donkey donk…uppss I mean like winding road. But you know it is always good if you can save any way any time you can.

Important things to pack:

  1. Once you are in Vietnam, you must not take any picture of government official operation like immigration process, they are very protective and strict of it, will take your camera if you’re caught. if you see sign no camera, please don’t challenge your self even if it’s just for selfie.
  2. Light shirt, T-Shirt and short. Vietnam is super hot and humid, except in the north (Hanoi – Vietnam Capital) where they have winter time from around December to February with temperature ranging from 50°F to 68°F.
  3. Need to have your dollar exchanged to VND (Vietnam Dong) for shopping and buy most things. Best way is to get cash from ATM, some hotels offer money exchange too, make sure to check the rate first before you agree to do it with them.
  4. My project Fi phone from google didn’t work in Vietnam, you need to check your international roaming with your carrier, will it work there, be cheaper or not to buy Vietnam SIM Card. To have internet connection in Vietnam is very important to explore this country, actually any country. It is very handy to have online GPS, also then you can easy to get cab or online service cab like UBER. Anyway, this is almost a must to have, unless you speak Vietnam language, most street sign there, are still Vietnamese fonts.
  5. Plenty cheap food option. If you have super strong stomach you can go crazy with Vietnamese dishes option, sampling crazy looking snack and munchies, but if your belly is sensitive, better spend a bit more money to stay fit. You don’t wanna get sick in 3rd world countries, trust me on this one, one sickness could ruin the whole trip. In Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), there are many American/ European restaurant standard, price will be more expensive especially in touristy area, but still way cheaper than in US/ Europe.