This is me, Ipunk..

I’m a human being, living on this planet earth for the never end journey when my time to leave comes. I have never been in any model agency. I love taking picture, love more to have my picture taken though;) Picture is a wonderful thing, very important to me. It is for my memory for my old age.

I have done many various works, from waiting table to CEO of my own company. Each work has its own challenge and satisfaction. Nothing is easy since the day we’re born till the end of our life. Make sure you are happy with one life you have, keep working at it and hopefully someday you will get what you want. But many time we have to force our self to accept the reality.

I usually don’t regret things I have done in the past. I learn from it and make sure won’t make same mistake twice. It’s felt hard when we’re down, but then we must contemplate, gather energy and get back on the game again.  I am not being political, but it is why I am supporting her, she is not a quitter, and her favorite statement is true: “What’s important is not whether you get knocked down; what’s important is whether you get back up, and you keep going.”

When I am doing my work, my biggest motivation at the beginning of each project is the anticipation of the end result and its effect, I develop compelling work that will satisfy my self, and of course my customer or client. See “work page” to see more what I could do for you.

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My Bio:


1 year Engineering School

3 years Accounting College

2 years Financial Management


Height – 5’7”

Weight – 140 lbs

Hair – Black & Grey

Eyes – Brown

Skin – Tan (Brown)


Travelling, Cooking, Watching Movies, Jogging, Hiking, Swimming, Sunbathing, listening music as doing other hobbies

Broadway I’d love to see:

 Lion King

 Miss Saigon (when they gonna make Mr. Saigon?)

 The Book of Mormon

(If any of you wanna send me free ticket, I’d so delighted……why the price is so crazy expensive?)

Country I’d love to visit:

Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Japan, Iceland, Russia

Best Food:

Fish Head Curry

any indonesian food, obviously

Lamb Kebab

Sauteed Green Papaya