SATISFY YOU like how I satisfy my self "TO THE BEST OF MY CAPABILITY"

Building a website is like making an art, when it's done, it must be beautiful, exciting and energizing. How many time have you search restaurant to eat online and decided not to go to that restaurant because their website looks bad. Or maybe you move to a new city and need to have dentist and other doctor. You google them and many of their website pop up on your computer/phone/tablet screen. For me, I would go to the place that has good and professional looking website. It is like giving first impression. Your website look is your selling point, make it FANTASTIC.

Want to have your personal website like you are seeing now, or maybe you want to have a trendy website that could cost over $5,000? well with me you don't have to spend that much to get the best.

You can get as cheap as $300 for personal website or $500 for business, and your website will be completed and online within 2-7 days.

Please see "Project Inquiry" page for more detail.

Come See Indonesia to believe it

I like to travel and I like making people happy, that's why I do this. Right now I have 2 adventures ready with both itineraries all within Indonesia.


Gay Java, Lombok & Bali Islands Adventure: With over 230 million population, over 14,000 islands, longest shorelines for tropical country, you will be spoiled with abundant beautiful landscape, rich culture and lifestyle from 3 islands, experiencing real paradise in this world.

    Gay Komodo Dragon Adventure: You will be transported to witness ancient historic dragon that only exist in Indonesia and live in their natural habitat. The islands where they live are so beautiful that will make you jealous, why them?

    Please contact for details!


    The Truly ASIA