Heat and Fan problem on your Surface Pro 3?

After spending hours searching solution for heat and fan problem with SP3, finally I found the problem, it is the google chrome. Uninstall it and hopefully you will be one of the lucky cute guy (or girl) on this planet to solve those problem and start loving the gorgeous SP3.

SP3 is definitely one of my fave, by uninstalling chrome my SP3 battery in average lasts for 7 hours for medium use (no video and heavy editing)

2 thoughts on “Heat and Fan problem on your Surface Pro 3?

  1. Chupracabra says:

    Yep, uninstalled Chrome and instantly my fan ceased, and temperature plummeted to a happy 98.6°

  2. ipunklee says:

    Glad to know that.
    SP3 is great laptop in my opinion. It was so frustrating for me, asked the Microsoft tech no one could give me solution about the fan and heat before. Now mine is smooth and charming. In fact I am still keeping it as my main work computer after over 3 years. Also been with me when I travel since.

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