Hiking @ Pyramid Mountain

Beautiful Fall Season 2017, so far it is much warmer than last year. Global warming effect???? Probably! So last Saturday we hiked in this beautiful State Park of NJ called Pyramid Mountain SP. It’s not that far from our home, about 20 minutes driving. We knew it’d be pack no matter where we hike because it’s really beautiful day, perfect weather for hike. We got there and yes, could not get parking spot, so we had to park on the side of the road. Oh well, no biggy.

So we started the hike, beautiful color everywhere you step, many sexy big rock in this park as well. The trail is very well marked so very helpful to not get lost. There are many trails, we took blue one at first then switch back and forth with white and yellow. The negative side of this beautiful fall is that sometime you can’t easy see rock as they covered with leafs and if you aren’t careful you could step on sharp rock, slipped and injured. Better be always careful no matter how pretty the surrounding is.

I didn’t take many picture, mostly just wanna enjoy the hike, so here are some pics I got:

This rock is amazing, hugeeeeeeee only supported by 3 small piece of rock. It seems natural and I believe it, maybe the result of melting glacier in the ancient age???
we’re strong when we together

Here more pics I took:

And here is the video: