Change LLC Business Name in New Jersey

It is good when we finally figure thing out. Changing LLC in New Jersey is not difficult. In Fact you can do it with your smart phone, isn’t that incredible.

    1. You need to file L-102, the link can be found here
    2. Select and click it, you will then start the process filling of the name change. Follow the step, the change name fee is $100, plus processing fee of $1 (e-check) or $3.50 (credit card). Complete it until you have confirmation. Save the confirmation # and remember email you entered on the amendment filling process in case you need to retrieve your certificate later. I would download and save the certificate of amendment, right away. If you did not it, it will close and you need to retrieve it.
    3. You need to send notice to IRS about your LLC name change. Send a letter with copy of certificate of amendment name change to IRS. Below is sample letter I used, or you can make it your own.

In my case, I check the box for Cincinnati, OH address because that is where I got EIN confirmation.