Vacation, To VACATE Your Problem & Stresses

Iknow and we all know that now more and more people go to gym, walk in park, jog around neighbor, or spend 30 minutes doing what we can to exercise during lunch break. Also we all know that more people become aware of healthy diets, consuming less sugar, less bad fat, tend to choose non cholesterol meals or desert. The big but is that people are still lacking in their understanding that their mental well-being is just as important as their physical health. And do you know that healthy mental is secret recipe of your sexual life?

I know many people go to gym 4-6 times a week, because I my self go to gym (not that often though), and they spend 1-3 hours at the gym. Added to that, they try to count how much calories they put in their mouth every day, how much sugar, how much fat, how much cholesterol and even spend a lot of money getting organic items. Don’t get me wrong, those all are good things. But mental health, often they forget it. We, they are too busy making money and make them/our self great physically. Forget about vacation, many of us do not even take a break in the weekend, always stressed and stressed try to keep up with all things we “need”. Do we need money…..of course we do, do we need to be looking great……I will say so, but do we need to have sex often????? For me the answer is yes.

Do you know that healthy mental is secret of your sexual life?Ipunk’s 

It can be CHALLENGING to decide where to vacate. Oh one more thing, vacation is noun from the word vacate (I believe so), means to leave. So vacation is supposed to leave things behind, forget all stresses for a while. It is supposed to be like resetting computer especially when it crashes or something wrong happens. The purpose is when we are done with our vacation our mind is refreshed, clear from trouble, ready for action again.

When choosing place or country for vacation, it depends on what you like to do, or what thing can make your self forget all your stresses. It gotta be some where so unique, exotic, fabulous so your mind will focus on “that place”. The basic principle (in my opinion) go somewhere where you can’t see/get from where you live. If you live in the city, go to exotic country side, mountain, secluded beach, better yet if you can have privacy for your self with or without your special one. If you live in country side, surrounded by farm, cows, pigs, chicken or nothing or no body at all, you can go to big city to see other side of world, to see lights, to interact with other human being, or just look at their behavior while sipping lemonade in outdoor sitting restaurant in city’s downtown.

Indonesia offers plenty of beautiful beaches for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, surfing , many mountains such as Mt. Rinjani in Lombok, Mt. Agung in Bali, Mt. Bromo in West Java for hiking and camping, plenty secluded unhabitated islands for privacy, big cities with hundreds sky-crappers. You can also be in eco-islands like Gili Trawangan, Meno or Air for combination of semi secluded, beautiful beaches, night life , with no motor/engine vehicle, all in one of each island. Wanna see pre-historic animal that still alive living in their natural habitat, can go visit island of Komodo, to see Komodo Dragon. Ancient architectures? We have abundant of them. One that is recently discovered is Mount Padang site located in Cianjur, West Java Province, said to be built over 12,000 years ago, means older than Giza Pyramid in Egypt.

Indonesia and other south east Asian countries offer super laid back place for your vacation, one more good thing is so affordable, especially if your income source is from country like US, Japan, or most EU countries. You can have King or Queen treatment like for the half or even less fraction price if you get vacation in US, Japan, or EU countries. You can get 4/5 stars rated hotels with super grand breakfast you will never seen in US. Wanna have spa treatment for all hours?? yes you can get it cheaply. The bad thing though, especially if live in eastern part of US or Canada, it is far away, you will need to spend a day (24 hours) more or less to get to Jakarta/Bali (our international airport). I live in New Jersey, that is the length of flight I will get. But if you live in west coast of US or Canada, you hit the jackpot, your length flight will be cut about 6 to 8 hours. That is nice right? back to the good thing, the airplane ticket is way cheap. September to October, then March to May, you can get round trip ticket from JFK or EWR (Newark) ranging from $600- 850, will be much cheaper if you fly from LA or San Francisco, or maybe Vancouver. And once you land there, your dollar will go much further, from taxi to accommodation.

Planning vacation could be more tricky if you have kid/s, it will  not be like if you are alone and okay for backpaker type vacation so can just pack and go. But now there are many tour organizer that could help solving the problem of vacation planning. Of course you will pay some price for that. But spending time planning for vacation by your self  will take some of your work time, so I think at the end, you will get your money worth having some one else planning your vacation. I did it in Panama, me and my hubby go there last year (2015), without tour organizer, would be hard to get from one place to another, especially because we both don’t speak Spanish at all. If only you and your special one (BF/GF/spouse/partner) going, plan vacation that really will help “to vacate” to leave all problem, if you have any. Go some different, and more importantly be spontaneous. Even with tour planner, they offer many optional activities, if you are for challenge of course. Seize the moment to explore romance, regenerate inner appeal that can remind your self how special he/she is, remind your self why you like him/her at first place. One time I and hubby, we “did” it behind fence next big tree in unfinished construction site, it is so close to busy street, in fact in beach area with many beach front restaurant. It was crazy, but that what I call seize the moment, be spontaneous.  I don’t recommend doing something that could put you and him/her behind bar, but if you see something, you feel it and possible to do it, go for it, be fast and done in 5 minutes or less. Trust me, you will remember it for long….long time. Don’t forget, come back to “that” place in daylight and take picture of it. That is what I call vacation, to vacate, to leave stress behind, to empty your mind from problem and daily stresses. Get vacation, and come back with newer version of you.