Trump and The Power of his little fingers

It is so nerve wrecking seeing “breaking news” from all media TVs this days. I mean really, every tweet from Donny can be one, and he tweets alot. I could not imagine what would Chris Matthew say if there were more than 11 people like Donny, his head would be spinning around and around. It is not just money that can make the world goes around and around, but also crazy minded selfish thin skin human being like Donny.

These are some of his nuts little fingers have done:

His tweet on Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Seriously Donny??? How many time have you done it?? your life is like TV box, and most them are recorded, you should look all those records. There’s saying that cheaters will cheat, I won’t be surprised if you’ve done it with current girlfriend.

His tweets on Ariana Huffington

I wished Marco did not go back down attacking this unsecure man. I believe in principle that attacker hate to be attacked back, teaser’s weakness is that they would be so upset when get teased back. Donny of Donny…why do you want always to be such a mean guy. You don’t like your dirty laundry unpacked in public, God forbid that happens because you Donny have alot….your underwear must be funny.

On recent campaign in North Carolina

That is laughable, why because everywhere his name goes, always leaves bad memory, the fresh one is in Southern Jersey, the gambling mecca in the north east of USA of Atlantic City. That what his doing with US now, gambling……….and gambler is always loosy goosy.

And he said he will fight to bring “us” together as one American people??? Big joke guys, can any one count how many non white in that room? Joker and the gambits!!!!!

So Donny, can you define “us” to American people?