Small town in Northern NJ situated strategically between NYC and Delaware River GAP.

It is not typical small town though as here we have big mall complex, and seems like more new housing popped here and there. This town is commuter friendly as it is right on Route I-80 and also close to train station to NYC either Dover or Denville.

Rockaway is not a wealthy town like its neighbors of Denville or Mountain Lakes. It is not cheap either, I think it is affordable town for New Jersey. Jobs are available and more importantly, it is one of the safest town to live in NJ.

This building is our fire department, fully equipped if any fire happens. For a small town to have its own FD, it is nutsss

I think this little town has potential, thousand of cars driving through downtown everyday. Traffic jams is common scene during rush hour, both morning and afternoon.

Of course it would not be as easy as flipping coin. If government was supportive, offer tax free business set in downtown, for at least 3 years, put traffic light in the intersection, it could be a game changer. Dover is more interesting for place to eat, because I feel like being in town, not just quiet sleepy village at night.

Hopefully the government township people read this page.

Dieng Highland

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