River is Our Life

I grew up in a small village with about 1,500 people lived back then. The river and jungle like scene in this section is not far from our home, maybe about 1.5 miles or so. I, my bros and friends used to fish and trap shrimps here.It was so easy to put them on dinner table before, but now because lack of regulation, bad people use semi poison to get fish, in result, not just the big fish caught, but it kills all the babies. I saw a fisherman, didn't stay long enough to know if he caught one or not.

I went back and revisited this river in May 2014.Take a bath and did some shootings.

Btw, in this river I first learned how to swim, now the water is kind shallow, it was passed off rainy season though, so maybe better in rainy season.


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I modified the original picture to show the crystal like splashing water.

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