Bali in Love – The True Paradise

A must see island, a complete package Island. Exotic, Erotic, Fantastic, Majestic, Chic, and very rich in culture.

Island with thousand temples, a complete package to rejoice your life. Here, mountain is majestic, the beach is all gorgeous.

People are super friendly.

Anyway, visit this island once in your life, you would not regret it. When you are here, time goes much slower, it is so laid back.

Good food, Asian food, Balinese food, Amerikan food, don't worry, you can get it. Endless entertainment, from free one to paid ones, you decide it.

Beautiful paintings by Mr Blanco can be seen in this museum.

Very artistic design Museum. Located in art village of Ubud.

Don't forget to sip lemon grass drink and other traditional beverages,so refreshing.

At Seminyak Beach, a popular beach, fancy area, very relaxing place to spend afternoon, coconut drink is great companion for watching locals playing football.

Fall 2016 – Beauty of White Meadow Lake

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