I could not believe it my self. These all pics taken in December 2015, supposed to be frigging cold but not that day, if not mistaken it was above 60 degrees. I would not have taken my shirt off otherwise. That's why I call it almost winter, because it was winter, just too warm for December temperature.

The beach was so quiet, so peaceful, nice to walk around. There were some people daring to be totally nude. It's nice surprise over all. We decided to go to beach after checking the weather forecast that day, seize the moment. The next day, they weather became a normal winter weather.

Seize the moment. In this crazy, busy and tiring life  or maybe for some can be so quiet, boring and static, we just need to stop and pause the rhythm, especially when we see a great thing, make you excited. Stop what you are doing, grab that excitement, enjoy that rare and special moment.

Tanah Lot Hindhu Temple

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